A few pages of a 2017 bulletin.


FRONT COVER - Photographs of Elders:

(Left): Jean-Baptiste Thibault and Alice Bélanger, married May 18, 1909 in Saint-Simon, Rimouski County. They are Fernand Thibault and Béatrice Thibault's grandparents.
(Right): Charles Thibault and Régina Dionne, married May 25, 1909 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. They are Aimé Thibault's parents.

House bearing an inscription, located on a concession ceded in 1650 to the ancestor Guillaume Thibault in Chateau-Richer. (Photo La Presse, Montreal 1993).

The Thibault Association of America has published a bulletin since the winter of 1991. It is presently being issued three times a year. The first five issues contain a storehouse of information concerning the origin of the Thibault name as well as eleven centuries of the history of most of our ancestors.


Each issue features an editorial, an article from the president, and various articles on Thibaults from yesterday and today. The bulletin

  • is an excellent communication tool between our members in Canada, the United States and France;

  • supports our need to discover our roots;

  • presents the accomplishments of contemporary Thibaults;

  • questions the past;

  • reviews the history of our ancestors;

  • familiarizes us with the ways and customs of the past;

  • furnishes genealogical information;

  • has a "fun" section;

  • publishes biographies;

  • contains notices on members' reunions, family reunions, and any other activity concerning the Thibaults;

  • contains birth, marriages, death, graduation and promotions;

The bulletin is the result of the efforts of many contributors. Of its 30 pages, six to eight are in English.

All members are invited to contribute to the bulletin by sending articles relating to their family's history and the accomplishments of any Thibault.

We would also appreciate any photos for publication. We return the photo to you after publication in the bulletin. We prefer an original or a newspaper clipping. We also accept those sent by e-mail. Please do not send photocopies of the photos. Your articles must be typed either on a sheet of paper or on a (Microsoft Word) diskette or CD, or sent by e-mail.

Mail or send to the bulletin's editor:

Madame Diane THIBAULT, 6952 rue Mathias-Balcer, Trois-Rivière, Quebec  G8Y 7P8

E-mail: diditibo@outlook.com