Dictionnaire généalogique des Thibault d'Amérique
(Genealogic Dictionnary of the Thibault of America, available in French only)

Third Edition

Author: Pierrette Thibault
Registered Master of Genealogy (in French: "Maitre Genealogiste Agree" (M.G.A.)

The first edition of the DICTIONNAIRE GÉNÉALOGIQUE DES THIBAULT D'AMÉRIQUE is entirely sold out. The second one is now short of volumes I, II and IV and there are not many left of number III. After the publication of the first edition in 2004, new research tools became available which helped discovering more information. Consequently, whereas 76,800 names were appearing in the first edition 20,000 more names had been added in the second one. The third edition published in 2012 contain over 10,000 more names. In addition, numerous birth and death informations will have been added. The database is now up to 111 590 names and keeps growing with the informations received from our members and my own personal research.

The volumes I and II trace the descendants of the ancestor François Thibault. The volume III traces the descendants of the ancestor Guillaume Thibault and the volume IV traces the descendants of all the other Thibaults ancestors who settled down in the Province of Quebec and everywhere else in America (14 Thibaults).

Obviously, such large scale enterprise implies much endeavor and is the result of considerable efforts of research and analysis. This kind of work can easily be subject to errors. To assure rigorous results, I took time to study and prepare a huge file in view of obtaining the highest rank diploma of recognition of competency in genealogy. My efforts were rewarded when I received the title of Registered Master of Genealogy. This diploma is issued by the BUREAU QUEBECOIS D'ATTESTATION DE COMPETENCE EN GENEALOGIE (B.Q.A.C.G.). It is the highest degree of recognition of genealogical competence in Quebec.

The first edition published in 2004 mentioned the origin, the name and the marriage, as well as many birth and death information of numerous Thibaults of America. The interest demonstrated toward the first edition, be it from Canadian Provinces, the United States and the rest of America, was a pleasant surprise for me and a great encouragement to accelerate the research so that I could offer to the Thibaults, in 2006, a reviewed edition with over twenty thousand more names after a two-year term of research. Six years later a third edition has been published just in time for the June 2012 Thibaults gathering in St. Jerome, Quebec.

All the volumes of the Third Edition as well as a few volumes III of the Second Edition are available. Those interested in getting this new edition of the Dictionnaire Généalogique des Thibault d'Amérique can send a note to the secretary of the Association (therese.tibo@globetrotter.net). If you know who your ancestor is, please mention it. If not, I could help you find out.

Cordially yours,

Pierrette Thibault, M.G.A.
(Pierrette Thibault passed away on December 25th, 2019. But her dictionary is still available upon request. For all questions about genealogy, you can now reach Diane Thibault at diditibo@outlook.com)