Gathering 2003 at Lachine


To become a member and obtain a card, you must make the request and pay the annual contribution. The member's card is valid for one year and renewable on the anniversary date of the payment of the contribution.

The member's card makes it possible to receive the Association bulletin,  published three times a year.

The origin of the name Thibault as well as the armorial bearings of the family were the subject of extensive studies, explained in detail in the bulletin. Moreover, our publication informs the members of the existence of the Association and its activities. Lastly, it makes it possible to better know the Thibaults who, in one way or another, were known as well in former times as now.



To obtain the membership card you must:

  1. Print and complete the form;
    (Click on the words "form" to display this one)

  2. Make the check payable to: L'ASSOCIATION DES THIBAULT D'AMERIQUE and send everything at the below address or by email to

Association des Thibault D'Amerique
c/o Therese Thibault, secretary-treasurer and archivist
30, rue Chanoine-Richard, P.O. Box 6
Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis (Quebec) G0E 1T0