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Among the many THIBAULTS who came from France and Switzerland, at least sixteen of them took root in America. The most prolific ancestor was François Thibault of Ile de Re, an island located in the Atlantic Ocean, four kilometers west of La Rochelle, France.  He arrived in Quebec in 1665, married Elisabeth-Agnes Lefebvre at Sainte-Anne-du-Petit-Cap, now Beaupre, in 1670, then settled in Cap-Saint-Ignace on the south shore where he passed away in 1724.

Which of these sixteen Thibault ancestors is yours? Ask the genealogist to help you find the answer.

  1. Guillaume Thibault from Rouen, Normandy, married Marie-Madeleine Francois in Quebec City on January 11, 1655.
  1. Michel Thibault of Anjou, received confirmation in Quebec City March 23, 1664. He had married Jeanne Soyer (Sohier) in France about  1660.
  1. Denis Thibault of Preschanin, Burgundy, married Andree Caillaud at Sainte-Famille, Ile d'Orleans, on August 13, 1667.
  1. Francois Thibault of Ile de Re, Aunis, France. He married  Elizabeth-Agnes Lefebvre in Sainte-Anne-du-Petit-Cap, Beaupre on October 14, 1670.
  1. Pierre Thibault dit Leveille, of Agen in Guyenne. He married Catherine Beaudry in Montreal on November 24, 1687.
  1. Pierre Thebeau of Saint-Malo in Britanny married Jeanne Comeau  in Port Royal, Acadia on November 26, 1703.
  1. Louis Thibault came from the diocese of La Rochelle. He married Marie-Jeanne Piquot in Port Royal, Acadia on April 6, 1723.
  1. Charles-Francois Thibault dit Lafleur, a soldier of unknown origin. His descendants are from his third marriage to Catherine Boissonneau dit St-Onge, at Saint-Jean, Ile d'Orleans, May 21, 1748.
  1. Joseph-Jerome Thibault dit Bellerose of Lille, Flander, France. He married Catherine Duval dite Vinaigre in Montreal on April 28, 1749.
  1. Robert Thibault of Dijon, Burgundy, married Marguerite Prud'homme in Detroit on September 1, 1761.
  1. Louis Francois Thibault of the parish of St. Remi, Tours, in Touraine, France. He married Theotiste Lefebvre in Saint-Ours on August 29, 1785.
  1. Francois Adrien Thibault of Paris, France, married Marie-Jeanne Cherui in Haïti about 1785.
  1. Joseph Thebaud, came from Nantes, Brittany, France about 1793. He married Felicite Marie Le Breton about 1795.
  1. Arthur Thiebaud, came from Brot, close to Neufchatel, in Switzerland. He married Marie-Louise Sigouin at Saint-Hippolyte-de-Kilkenny on October 26 1897.
  1. Gustave Thiebaud, came from Switzerland with his brother Arthur. He married Adelina Juteau at Ste-Lucie-des-Laurentides on April 25, 1904.
  1. James Tebeau came from England with his mother and stepfather in 1734. He settled in Georgia and married Susan Henks the year after.

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